Our program fees cover our basic operating expenses. We keep them as low as possible to help as many folks as possible. But donations are what keep the Institute Alive.

Deferred Giving: Teaching wellness through diet

An increasing number are discovering the satisfaction of be comming planned givers by making current gifts from accumulated assets and setting up deferred gift arrangements through gift planning. Many people find they are able to fulfill a long-held dream by funding part of CHI’s work while, at the same time, providing for their own needs for as long as they live by contributing to a charitable gift annuity. Annuity rates for donors age 60 and over range from 5.7% to 11.3%, depending on your age (10/2003 figures).

No Capital Gains Tax

A person can donate real estate property to the Trust and specify that money from the sale go to the Trust or a specific Trust project, such as a building project. By allowing the Trust to handle the sale of the property no capital gains taxes would be required, and the full amount would go into the Trust. Donations of stock certificates to the Trust would result in the same situation. The donor and the Trust both benefit from these arrangements.


Why do I need a will?

Although wills are simple legal documents to create, only 35% of Americans have one. Wills help you care for your family/ church/ organizations if you die, avoiding confusion and providing a way for your family to maintain control of your assets. Wills are not just for the rich; the amount of property is irrelevant. A will ensures your assets will be given to family members, beneficiaries or charitable organizations of your choice.
Many banks and churches provide this service for free or at a discounted rate. There are also similar services offered online. We’ve listed a number of resources here.

If your company or foundation would like to support a front-line alternative nutritional wellness center, where for 27 years we have seen diagnosed diseases reversed by restoring the body’s immune system and establishing a new body-mind paradigm, then please contact us.

Sustaining Member Programs

Silver – Annual Donation $40 – 10% discount on all books, equipment, seeds and other program related items, and free telephone consultations.
Gold – Annual Donation $100 – Silver membership benefits plus a copy of Ann Wigmore’s books, “Why Suffer,” and “Rebuild Your Health.”
Platinum – Annual Donation $250 – Silver and Gold membership benefits, plus copies of Victoria Boutenko’s “Raw Family,” “12 Steps,” and “Eating Without Heating.”
Life – One-Time Donation of $5,000 – Silver, Gold and Platinum membership benefits, plus a two-week stay at Creative Health Institute each year for life.

If you have a creative fund-raising idea, would like a public speaker to represent Creative Health Institute at a fund-raising event, want a new wing named after your mother, or any other interesting ideas, please contact James. James is a volunteer worker for the Institute and is also on the Institute’s Board of Trustees. He has a lot of experience in this kind of thing and would be glad to assist you or your Corporation.